USBHostSerial is unsupported for Nucleo-F207ZG?

I cannot define the usb host. I cannot find t he headers.
Importing the library dosent work either.
Any tips thanks?


MbedOS does not support USBHost and do not have solution for this. In cases like USB and WIFI the Mbed decided to be just client/device not server/host, it is probably in context of IOT.

There were a library in the past USBHOST - USBHOST lib for STM | Mbed but it was just for few targets. You can try to check source files - USBHOST - USBHOST- USBHost/TARGET_STM

BR, Jan

Thanks but that library
USBHOST - USBHOST lib for STM | Mbed

is just for older mbedos version I tried to fix some of the issues but no… it is not possible.
You get errors in callbacks, wait, event definitions … hundred lines must be updates which is not worth it.
For me it was strange. Devices like the one I mentioned has HW but no software support? how that?.
Thanks anyway.
BR Mariwan

I wrote in the past. The library is probably for older than MbedOS 5.4.
Mbed does not have any USB HOST API for any target not just for ST boards. Mbed supports just USB DEVICE, how you can see in - Drivers - API list.

BTW what do you want to do with USB host?

BR, Jan

Designing a test that will communicate with FT4232HL which supports 4 ports.
Avoiding having a PC to test. But seems to be not possible.
BR Mariwan

Did you ever use tinyusb library with MBED? Could that work?

No, but I was also looking into this library a few days ago because I was curious.

tinyusb/docs/reference/supported.rst at master · hathach/tinyusb (

BR, Jan