Use ATECC608 with mbedTLS

I want to use the ATECC608\508 with mbedTLS, is there any existing integration of the two? Is there any place I can find example\description of the action I need to do for that integration?

Hi Eyal,
Mbed TLS is very configurable and portable to different platforms.
Although we don’t have examples for your platform, you can look at the following articles for information how to port Mbed TLS to your platform:

You can find additional articles that may interest you in the location I referenced.

Mbed TLS Team member

Not sure what you want to do with Mbed TLS integration, but here’s mbed-cryptoauthlib which offers ATECC608 & ATECC508 Crypto Authentication integration over I2C to any Mbed board.

You should be able to plug these into Mbed TLS with Ron’s links.