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Using the same mbedtls_pk_context multiple times

I am implementing a multi-threaded application which connects the server with mbedTLS (2.23). We use client authentication so I set a private key for the client TLS context.

On startup, I parse the private key (PEM) to mbedtls_pk_context once (same private key, no need to load it every time)

When I am running in a single threaded mode, it works fine.

When running in multi-threaded mode, sometimes TLS negotiation fails with MBEDTLS_ERR_SSL_BAD_HS_SERVER_HELLO while mbed log writes
ssl_cli.c:4009: |1| mbedtls_pk_sign() returned -34432 (-0x8680)

When creating mbedtls_pk_context from PEM on every connection in multi-threaded mode, it works fine also.

Can it be that mbedtls_pk_context cannot be shared between threads? If so, how can I copy it effectively from a master version to a instance in each thread?