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Using Ublox C027 with VLAN


I have ublox C027 and I want to use with a vLan. Any one has an example for that. I’m new to VLAN concept and I need just top understand more about it. I’m using the online complier. I tried gto search for some example but not much luck.

Your help will be really apprecieted.


Any idea please?



When I tried to use the last version from mbed os library t enable the vlan support but I got error like Error: Cannot open source input file “device.h”: No such file or directory in “mbed-os/platform/platform.h”, Line: 27, Col: 21

I tried to update the library but no luck.

Please help.



I will explain my issue in details.

I’m using Ublox -c027 board and my board will be a TCP server. My PC will be a TCP client. I’ve already set a VLAN ID to my PC and I want my mbed to communicate with it through the TCP/IP but when I set the vlan Id to my PC, The communication didn’t work. I want to know if the Ublox-C027 support the VLAN. Also I want to know how I will configure the VLAN ID on my mbed so I can be able to communicate with my PC. I read a lot about the topic but still not clear for me how to use it.

I’m using the online compiler.

I want just some one to explain if that possible in my case and is there any example can help me and give idea of how to do it on MBED.

I have a deadline for my project and I’m still strugglimg.

I’m looking forward for some help please.

Your support will be apprecieted.

Please let me know if you need more information.