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Version 6: TcpSocket - Bug?


I run a tiny HTTP-Server (Restful) on my target (Powerful CM7).

I have a super basic example running which i reviewed multiple times, just to make sure there is no coding error.

The server is able to handle one single POST message, and one GET message.

But always after a couble of seconds/minutes, the service stopps working. I suspect there is an issue with the underlying TCPSocket.

Does someone have deep know-how on the implementation? There are similar posts about people speculating there is a lock-problem with some mutexes/semaphores down the road of TCPSocket, or sockets in general.

Additional question: Where can i find the test files which have been used to test the TCPSocket on Mbed-OS-6? As far as i can see, mbed-os provides just minimal test code.


Maybe try making a program that just instantiates a TCP socket and connects to a script running on a PC. Then you can send data using it and see if the connection cuts out. That should be a pretty reliable way of determining if there’s an issue.