Wearable ref design hardware

I was impressed with the Wearable ref design. Is anyone selling the completed hardware? It would be very nice to have a a real unit to prototype code on.

FYI, Silicon Labs has a dev kit around the reference design: https://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/32-bit/Pages/thunderboard-wear.aspx

@marcuschang would know more about availability of the finished watch

I am aware of the Silicon Labs link. However, it doesn’t appear to be available.

According to Farnell new availability should come end of May… SiLabs had the board available during Bluetooth World, so I’m wondering if it comes earlier.

I tried to order the unit from Newark, and I received this email:(

Good afternoon,

In regards to the above order, the 71y6211 is discontinued with no replacements. We apologize for the inconvenience



USA www.newark.com
Canada www.canada.newark.com

71y6211 is the part number of the Silabs watch board? Because that’d be incorrect, definitely coming out.

Regarding availability of completed watches, not for now, for the foreseeable future the Silabs board will be the only design available.

The link to the reference design is no longer up :frowning: . Can the two of you share the link? Really appreciate it