What is the C++ language Standard used by Mbed Studio Desktop?

I have Mbed Studio Desktop version 1.4.4 installed on my Windows Laptop.

How to know which C++ Standard (C++ 17 or C++ 20) compiler my Mbed 1.4.4 uses?

How to know which GNU g++ version (gcc 12.1 or lower release) my Mbed 1.4.4 uses?

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Hi, Mbed Studio uses Arm Compiler by default, unless you explicitly switch to GCC.

The std flag controls which standard Arm Compiler compiles for. For Mbed OS projects, that is set in the build profile. For example:

The “Building a program” section in these docs show how to use a custom build profile in Mbed Studio:

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Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for the information. I will go through the information you have provided.

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