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(When) is ARM Mbed going to integrate the new Cordio 5.2 Bluetooth Stack?

Yesterday Packetcraft announced and listed the new Cordio Stack:

Declaration ID QDID(s) Company Products Specification Name Listing Date
D049425 146281 - Component (Tested) Packetcraft, Inc. Arm Cordio Link, Arm Cordio Link 5.2 2020-03-10
D049426 146344 - Host Subsystem Packetcraft, Inc. Arm Cordio Stack, Arm Cordio Stack 5.2 2020-03-10

According to packetcraft it is going soon to their Github Repo

Is the new 5.2 Cordio stack going to be integrated into Mbed and if so does Mbed have a timeline or target Release Version? Maybe you know the answer to that @donatien .

Since we are in the process of qualifying our product we could qualify it directly with the 5.2 Stack and not have the effort to qualify it two times or be stuck on the 5.1 Cordio Stack while Mbed moves on.
It would be great to have this information so we, and surely others, could take this into account in the project planning.

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Hi Tevva - thanks for the question.

We’re in regular dialogue with Packetcraft and there are a few, minor, issues they are working on before the stack will be ready, and they’ll then need to system test before it can be integrated into Mbed. Our current expectation is that it’ll be ready by the end of next month, so I’d expect us to include the updated 5.2 version of the stack in our May release.


Hi andypowers,

thank you for your reply, the information is greatly appreciated. I wish you the best of luck on hitting the May release.
With this schedule we would be able to delay our qualification and directly go to the 5.2 stack!

Maybe Mbed could release a rough Roadmap about what to expect on such things. I do understand that this is a lot of work. Sadly a roadmap often brings along quite a lot of expectations which leads to most company’s not communicating Roadmaps with or without dates/time-points.