Which camera module to get?

Hi I am new to mbed and trying to evaluate what an mbed board can do.

So my plan is to make a simple video streaming device.

I have looked through the internet. All I can find is OV7670 Camera module which is 640p x 480p. Does any know if there is a 1080p camera module for mbed board? Which IoT board is the better one for this project?

Any advice would be grateful! thanks!


Awesome! Go for it!
Just as a heads up there are currently no camera modules with compatible mbed drivers. So whatever camera you wind up getting you will need to write the driver to use it. Usually this involves a SPI bus of some sort. Also keep in mind that all the current mbed boards are Cortex M based microcontrollers, which usually max out around 100-200Mhz, so typically people do not do high quality / bandwidth images or video with them. That said the norm is there to be broken, so go for it and build awesome!