Yotta Debug Nucleo F401RE - No board found

So I’m trying to start a debug session, but it seems that pyOCD can’t locate my board (Nucleo F401RE). I compiled the blinky example from the getting started session, and I can see the led blinking and serial output using minicom. But when i try to start a debug session with yt debug blinky all i get is:

info: found blinky at source/blinky
info: preparing PyOCD gdbserver...
info: finding connected board...
No connected boards
error: failed to find a connected board
error: failed to launch debugger: gdb server failed to start
project files have been generated in: source

Tried on both WIndows 7 and ubuntu 14.04. Is it necessary to install any additional driver so I can get this working?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, almost none of ST boards are supported by pyOCD. There is support for some ST chips, but you need a different firmware. Nucleo F401RE has ST-LINK. Therefore you should look at for instance openOCD or stlink open source gdb implementation. None of these two are currently supported by yt debug (= valinor + project generator).

@bcostm Any information for pyOCD support?

Thank you for this explanation Kojto!

I’m using OpenOCD and it works great. At first I had a hard time finding the right .elf file to flash the board with.

Just in case someone else is having the same problem, the path to the debugable .elf file is located at <project_root>\build\<target>\source\ , a file with no extension at all.

Is there any plan to add support for ST board to default yt debug?

f401 is supported in progen, thus using uvision should be possible, will have to check if 401 defines target properly. The gdb implementation however is at the moment for pyOCD and ST nucleo boards are not supported there :frowning: You can have a look at valinor (GitHub - ARMmbed/valinor: Generate Project Files to Debug ELF files.) + progen (GitHub - project-generator/project_generator: Project generators for various embedded tools (IDE). IAR, uVision, Makefile, CoIDE, Eclipse and many more in the roadmap!)

Does ST provide stlink gdb or openOCD only?