3rd party software cannot communicate with USB HID endpoints


I wrote a USB HID device on a PSoC 6 and it works well in Linux / python, i.e. I can send data to the endpoint from python, PSoC 6 gets the interrupt, and it can process the data, which I print in logs.

Now I need to interface the device with a 3rd party software under Windows, which I did not write. The 3rd party software scans for a specific VID and PID, which I coded in the PSoC 6 USB driver as well. Windows sees the PSoC 6 as a HID device and reports no errors. However, I get no USB interrupts on the PSoC 6 side when opening the 3rd party software, which is supposed to read out some values from the PSoC using the HID endpoints.

Things I’ve already checked:
Vendor ID and Product ID are set as expected by the 3rd party software.
Endpoint IN and endpoint OUT addresses are set as expected by the 3rd party software: I noticed that if I use the resolver from mbed os I get different addresses for the endpoints (let’s say 0x82 and 0x02), so I hardcoded them to the expected values bypassing the resolver. I need to set them to 0x81 and 0x01 because the 3rd party software writes and reads to those addresses. Is it an issue if I don’t use the mbed os resolver?

Are there other things that need to be checked and set in the PSoC 6 such that the 3rd party software can communicate with it? Windows and Linux report no errors related to the PSoC 6 USB device and I can also communicate with it from Linux / python without issues.

Many thanks!