6lowpan example - debugging

In the mbed-client-example-6lowpan project, the debugging data is sent using functions such a ‘tr_debug’ and ‘tr_error’. This does not appear to work when using Serial pc(PTC17,PTC16);
Is it possible to modify these functions to work in this format?

I got around this by replacing these functions with pc.printf(). I’m using the Atmel 2.4GHz wireless module (M/N: ATZB-RF-233-1-C). This model is not listed in the header file ‘driverRFPhy.h’.

/*Atmel RF Part Type*/
typedef enum

However, should this still work with the model which I’m using as ATMEL_UNKNOW_DEV? I’m getting the error ‘Mesh network initialization failed 2!’, where ‘2’ is ‘MESH_ERROR_MEMORY’. I’m using the MK64FX512VLL12 Microcontroller instead of the MK64FN1M0VLL12 which is on the FRDM-k64f board. The size of the .bin file is still less than the size of the flash on this microcontroller and the SRAM is the same. Is there another reason for this error?

@awatt196 A note, there’s an issue for the rf driver, that it should not have predefined pins for specific target - https://github.com/ARMmbed/atmel-rf-driver/issues/8