Xbee 802.15.4 driver for 6LoWPAN

I have written PHY driver code for XBEE similiar to the atmel-rf-driver. Using mbed-mesh-api 6lowpan ND test example I am trying to enable 6LoWPAN stack so that I can I can communicate with other XBEE device connected to XCTU on another PC. The mesh init api is successful with (rf_device_id and rf_network_id = 0). However while making the interface up I get the following log

[DBG ][m6LND]: app_parse_network_event() 3 [DBG ][m6LND]: Link Layer Scan Fail: No Beacons [DBG ][m6LND]: Restart bootstrap calling nwk interface up

Do I have to send ND command when the driver rf_interface_state_control function is called (For 6LoWPAN bootstrap process)?

Also while setting the channel my code is

const phy_rf_channel_configuration_s phy_2_4ghz = {2405000000, 5000000, 250000, 16, M_OQPSK};

const phy_device_channel_page_s phy_channel_pages[] = { {CHANNEL_PAGE_0, &phy_24ghz}, {CHANNEL_PAGE_0, NULL} };

Is this fine? Please let me know if the above setting is correct.