A problem occor when performing SX1276PingPong Demo with FSK on NUCLEO-L152RE board

Hello, we meet some problem when performing the demo PingPong with NUCLEO-L152RE evaluation board.
The evaluation board NUCLEO-L152RE we used is like the picture below

We monitor the PingPong demo with series debug software on win10 platform. However, when receiver get some string, the message printed by receiver indicated it was crashed!

We exchanged the receiver and transmitter and get the same result: when receiver get some string, it will crushed immediatly.
We add some debug string to the callback function of receiver, but nothing happened, indicating it crushed before entering the callback function and after entering the receiving interruption(maybe).

My dear friends, do you have any idea about this issue? If ones, please help me with your advice. Thanks!

The only things i change about this code is shift the LoRa modulation flag to FSK modulation, change the 1 to 0, as below.