Access to FIL using FATFileSystem

Hi there –

The team and I have been scratching out heads for quite some time regarding a simple matter:

How to access a FIL object or pointer using FATFileSystem?

We may have missed something, but we did not find a propre way. We eventually ended up using FatFs directly with a shallow c++ wrapper but that’s not ideal.

We need a FIL or FIL * to interface with ST’s C code to work on JPEG and audio playback.

Does any of you has experience on the matter?

Thanks a lot for the help!

– Ladislas

Alright, we found the answer!

Actually file_read and file_write can work with FIL but they are both protected. So we just created a new class inheriting from FATFileSystem and made those two methods public.

Problem solved :slight_smile: