Can't compile my project with "SDFileSystem"/"FatFileSystem" library

I’m really in hurry and finally I can’t solve this problem.
I just want to use SDFileSystem(SDFileSystem - SDFileSystem | Mbed) for my project, but the compiler says

Error: Object of abstract class type “FATFileHandle” is not allowed in “SDFileSystem/FATFileSystem/FATFileSystem.cpp”, Line: 100, Col: 17

I guess my project’s source code doesn’t affect this error, or I will post it if you need it for solving.

latest version of SDFileSystem is used. and the version of FatFileSystem library in SDFileSystem is Jul 2016 one.
Thank you and sorry for my poor English.


I had same problem and reported here:

The issues was fixed in latest FATFileSystem library (10:28e685e5ff7f). You can update the FATFileSystem library which is in the SDFileSystem library.

I hope this helps.


I really thank you!!
Now I can compile it properly!!

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