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Adding ESP32 as a module

I have trouble adding ESP32 module to an nRF52840 based system. What I’m trying to do is adding the ESP32 module as a network interface to mbed and communicate via WiFi. The ESP is connected via UART connection.

As a build target I use NRF52840_DK and I can build and run firmware on it. However, I don’t get the ESP32 module working.

What I did so far:

  1. Added esp32-driver library (GitHub - ARMmbed/esp32-driver) to project. From the build output I can see that the library is compiled.

  2. I configured esp32-driver library for my build target in mbed_lib.json to assign the ESP32 pins to the correct pins on nRF52840 in the “target_overrides” block.

  3. I added “target.components_add” : [“esp32”] to my target in the “target_overrides” block in mbed_app.json

However, I always get the following message in debug output: Error! No network interface found.

Does anybody have any clue how to debug what’s going wrong here?
I’m pretty new to mbed OS and chances are that I’m missing something fundamentally.

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My guess is to add following line in your mbed_app.json.

"esp32.provide-default"                 : true,
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Thank you MACRUM! I got it to work.
Here’s the target_overrides block in mbed_app.json I had to modify:

"target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "nsapi.default-wifi-security": "WPA_WPA2",
            "nsapi.default-wifi-ssid": "\"SSID\"",
            "nsapi.default-wifi-password": "\"PASSWORD\"",
        "MY_TARGET": {
            "": "WIFI",
            "target.components_add" : ["esp32"],
            "esp32.provide-default": true