Mbed support for Esp32 as Wifi module over SPI


I want to use an ESP32 as a Wifi module for an Mbed board and use SPI for the communication.

I’m looking for a library similar to the ESP8266 support in mbed-os/components/wifi/esp8266-driver (in Mbed 5.x) but for the ESP32 and SPI. I could not find anything like this.

There is also the question which firmware is running on the ESP32. The Arduino Arduino NINA-W102 would be an option or the Adafruit fork of this library.

Did anyone get this working?


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Hello @asprenger,

Does it have to be over SPI? I have not tried it yet but there is already a driver for UART mode: https://github.com/ARMmbed/esp32-driver

Thanks for the reply.

Using SPI is my primary reason to look into the ESP32. SPI should result in higher throughput and better reliability because it is less susceptible to sync problems in the interface.

For UART I would just use one of the ESP8266 modules. They are cheaper and are already supported in Mbed.