Adding support for STM32F303 Nucleo boards

I recently got a couple of the new STM32F303K8 Nucleo boards that are based on the Arduino Mini footprint. I love the smaller form factor and the F303 is a better fit for my project.

I already have Yotta working with my old F401RE board, so I’m less willing to spend time dealing with toolchain issues. Still, I spent a while this weekend hacking together support for the board and got pretty far. However, there’s no Yotta modules yet for any of the f3 line, so I’d need to create mbed-hal-st-stm32cubef3 and do a bunch of other work which seems problematic, given that mbed OS is kind of a moving target at the moment.

I’ve seen a few other examples community built support for particular boards. What’s the official stance on community ports? If I did get something working, would it help official support for the F303 come along sooner? Should I just wait for the official modules?