Additional I2C pins in K64f

I am using FRDM K64F for my project. I have two sensors(Both are same - pressure sensor - slave address is unique) and each uses the I2C communication protocol.

I wanted to connect them in various I2C ports, observe readings and work out calculations.
The first sensor uses Pin nos D15, D14.

For the second sensor, mbed is throwing me an error if I try to use any other I2C pins. ( K64F/FRDM-K64F revE3 pin-multiplexing - referred this article to find out unused I2C pins)

Can anyone help me out?
Best Regards

Hi Niranjan,

You are using two I2C slaves which has different address in K64F master I2C? It should work. Which pins you try to use to another I2C?
I compiled I2C example (Online compiler and K64F) which have 2 I2C
I2C i2c(D14 , D15 );
I2C i2c2(A4 , A5);
A4 and A5 are for I2C1 and D14 and D15 for I2C0. All other pins I found from multiplexin excel are for I2C0 (D11, D12 and A0,A1).
So you have only one pins for I2C1 but several pins for I2C0.



Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I figured what i was doing wrong. I was using a wrong pins.
Best Regards