After code development on MBED board


This may be sb question but this is new to me.

Once I have completed a project on the MBED web IDE and a MBED development board and want to program that code into a production PCB which is no longer a MBED development board, do I use the same binary file and download it with a STLink into the production device with the SWD or JTAG I/F ?


I really missed the part on PORTING - amazing how such a great looking development system can be flattened by such a complicated cycle of development. What you make up in development you lose going to production ?

Is this really the way it is, or have I still not seen the lite ?

there is already a large section in the docs:

and look for custom_targets.json, this is also a way to define the features for your board.
Mbed generates .elf files and extracts also .bin from this, both can be used for external programmers. There are plenty of different, depending on your target and your dev environment. I can recommend ‘black magic probe’, a very versatile solution.

Hi There,

You most definitely do not have to loose anything going into production but you do need to consider production during development. However you get that binary into the flash at the right location it will work, you just need to be careful that the development target chip and the production chip is the same and that connections to the external pins are the same, any variation will require you to make customised changes with a custom target. I use flash magic to flash the binary file converted to an ihex file via the ISP connections of a lpc1768…

Thanks for responding - starting to look all good again !.