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Analogous function to mbedtls_pk_parse_key (write an encrypted string)

(Subhan Waizi) #1

So following function parses an (un)encrypted DER-encoded private key and fills the pk_context accordingly:

int mbedtls_pk_parse_key( mbedtls_pk_context *pk,
const unsigned char *key, size_t keylen,
const unsigned char *pwd, size_t pwdlen )

Does mbedtls provide a function that works analogously to this one … meaning that it has a pk_context and can store it (encrypted) to a buffer. I’ve only seen mbedtls_pk_write_key_pem, which however does not take encryption into account.

(Ron Eldor) #2

Unfortunately, Mbed TLS does not have an API for writing encrypted key, as it wasn’t part of our original target.
If you believe this feature is required,you are welcome to make a contribution.
Mbed TLS Team member