Arm Mbed OS support forum

Announcement: Migration of Mbed TLS

Mbed TLS is now maintained under open governance at

The Mbed TLS support forum will now handle only issues encountered on Mbed OS and Pelion Device Management.

Please address all Mbed TLS core issues to the project’s mailing list at

When I click “mailing list”, nothing happens

Thanks @abomin3v3l for pointing this out!
I have modified the message so it would be clickable

Will this be the new support?

But i will continue supporting existing issues

Could we send our doubts (or) Issues we are facing directly to this email address?

Hi @gopi219
Yes, you could send to that mailing list, however that maililng list is more of a development forum. I would suggest that if you encounter issues, you post in the github repository

Wow, just stumbled into this news as I was looking for help using this library. Since the entire support forums community have apparently vanished, any recommendations for a new library, I chose it due to it’s excellent completeness and configuration, plus the now missing support base. Explains the silence on my topic posts. darn it. Now I remember one of the risks of using open source that I failed to account for…sigh.