Announcing the release of Mbed TLS 2.16.0, 2.7.9 and 2.1.18

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our releases Mbed TLS 2.16.0, 2.7.9 and 2.1.18 today.

Full details are available in the release notes which you can find here .

This also marks the beginning of our next LTS (Long Term Support) branch, 2.16 which is described in a blog posting here.

It’s also the last release for the 2.1 branch which has now reached the end of its life, so if you haven’t moved over to a later branch, now is the time to do so.

The source code is available as tar balls under Apache and GPL licences as usual, as well as on GitHub here .

On behalf of the Mbed TLS Team
Simon Butcher