Latest mbed TLS v2.16.4 release is missing updated version information

Hi all,

Last Friday I downloaded the latest version of mbed TLS from being v2.16.4.

I noticed this version is not available as a release on

Looking at the changelog the second line reads:
= mbed TLS 2.16.x branch released xxxx-xx-xx

Furthermore the following files have outdated version info (saying it is v2.16.3):

Probably someone forgot to update the version information, which can happen, but I’m curious if the rest of the changes are validated and worthwhile for integration within my product.
Or is it better to wait for v2.16.5 when it’s published on both and

Keep up the good work and kind regards,


HI @Roberto74
Thank you for reporting this!
Yes, this was an oversite where we missed updating the version.
As you can see from , we have updated the version in the LTS branch already.
All the other changes are validated and tested.
Mbed TLS Support

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your quick respons and I’ll have a look at the pull request to see the changes for updating the version info.

Kind regards,