Any web server for mbed os5?

Is there a working web server for mbed os 5 ?
I’ve tried this

It works for the first request. The second request times out.
Pushhing button on a page toggles led. But for the second time board runs into hardfault. Serial viewer displays something about calling mutex guard in ISR routine.


I found another. I hope it works better.


@janjongboom had an http server somewhere. Thought he had a pr to get it into the OS.

Edit: maybe it was just a client

http_server.h is identical in

I tried both examples in the imported state on my Nucleo-F767ZI and both working. I can click on the Toggle Led button many times without a crash.
Only in Bongjun’s example was nesery set correct eth interface for my board.
Of course with latest version of the Mbed OS it is not work because the examples are old more than year.

And also others are looking for the same thing Webserver with WebSockets für mbed-os5

Best regards, Jan