Webserver with WebSockets für mbed-os5

Is there some actual example for a webserver using the actual Mbed 5.14 network stack?
I’ve used the example https://os.mbed.com/teams/sandbox/code/http-webserver-example
but this has some flaws with actual 5.14.
And I tried also to use the http_parser for parsing a request to a websocket server, but the
library is not returning the protocol. Is there a more recent version that can do this? Parsing the request is generally working because the websocket request is a HTTP GET.
@janjongboom Are you still working on these components?

+1 (!!)

I’m particularly interested to know if this code:


has been updated to work with OS5?

But like Johannes, an example webserver using OS5 would be a start :slight_smile:

I have already reworked a lot in the original code. It looks like the original code was for a http client and the http server was added.
My code is already working and includes also websocket support. But it needs some more cleanup and testing before publishing.

I am trying to find a reliable websocket client for mbedos 5. Do you have anyone good to go ? because the one that I found reliable is libwebsocket but I will need to create a wrapper C++ for it and is not something that can be created in one day.
Thanks for your help,