Webserver with ESP8266, Serversocket MBED OS6

Is there an example for a webserver with actual MBED OS 6.x using Sockets.


I must sadly say, MbedOS official driver for the ESP8266 not support Server functionality, better said it is not implemented.
So you can hard code it with AT commands.

Here were a try but it was not accepted.

BR, Jan

Hello Jan, thank You for Your fast reply.
I am teacher and responsible for microcontroller education in all professional highschools in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We choose ARM-Cortex and MBED as new platform for our microcontroller exercises. One topic in the curriculum ist IOT.
(HTTP, MQTT and COAP) For this I need a solution.
Perhaps I can code serversocket by myself. I tried with sourcecode of ESP8266Interface I found in Internet. But failed, as it seems not to be written for OS6.9.
Perhaps I can get a Version of sourcecode for OS6.9.
Hardcoding with ATCmdParser will work but can not be our goal in education. We should teach the principles of communication.
One reason for us choosing MBED was that it is basically designed for IOT.
Yours sincerely
Jörg Sturm
Gewerbliche Schule Öhringen