Are there any efforts to support USBDEVICE on the FRDM-K66F

Anyone interested in using USBDEVICE on the FRDM-K66F.

I noticed that there is a driver to support USBDEVICE for all of the other Kinetis work with the USBFSOTG however on the FRDM-K66F the port that the USB connector is attached to is the USBHS.

Does anyone know of any efforts to add the USBHS driver to this target board so we can use the USBDEVICE abstraction.

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I heard that this could be coming soon.

Bumping this topic. I would really love to be able to use my FRDM-K66F as a USB device with the simplicity of mbedOS. Currently having to use MCUXpresso instead, which is an order of magnitude more work.

Could one of the mbed developers kindly weigh in on whether full USB support is in the works for this board? Thanks!