Arm cordio ble uart

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I am switching from Nordic SoftDevice/SDK to ARM Cordio BLE stack. Solution is using BLE UART transport and need one also in Cordio. This is critical requirement. Board is Custom based on nRF52832 Target. I can see there is no CORDIO BLE UART yet implemented. This seems blocker to move from Nordic SDK to CORDIO.

Maybe someone already implemented this service or it is already under development?

This would be a really nice enabler that would shift people from Nordic SDK towards ARM BLE CORDIO. UART seems most versatile way of communication and CLI implementation. Please consider creating custom ARM CORDIO BLE UART Service.

We should have it working by the end of year, otherwise there will be no real business nor technical reason for me to switch to CORDIO BLE.

I am eager to help in development with some help from ARM MBED (hints, UUID registration, etc) :slight_smile:

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Missing tags: cordio, ble, uart, nrf.

Hi Tomasz,

I believe you’ve got the answer here, just linked it for other users reference.

Hi Tomasz,

Hope your are doing well.

Here shares you a Mbed BLE UART project which ports Nordic UART Service to Mbed OS, it would be helpful with your feedback.