Zigbee Stack fro nRF52840

Hi there!

We are working on out BLE/Zigbee app for the nRF52840. For BLE and we’ve had great success, but as far as I can see there is no support for Zigbee. I really don’t want to use the Nordic SDK since it has a really steep learning curve and we have most of our app already done on Mbed.

Is there any workaround we can use for adding this functionality? Is changing the Nordic SDK Mbed uses an option? I think the one it uses is the BLE-only one.

Thank you!

Looks like a hard problem. I see two options:
a) switch to an sdk that has zigbee support
b) integrate a zigbee stack into the cordio nrf52 baseband layer which is protocol agnostic and will send both ble and zigbee (and anything else) but as far as we know no one has tried this before

If you only need to have one at a time you can try importing the zigbee part and use nordic for zigbee - that would preclude cordio BLE from running at the same time. If you need to run both then it’s either b) or switch to nordic completely.

Thank you for your answer!
I guess I’ll just need to go with the Nordic SDK and start from scratch, tinkering with the Cordio code does not seem like a fun idea.

If it’s not secret, could you please tell us what kind of application it is and how you want to use zigbee?

Of course!

It’s an IoT application for a device that needs to connect to an app on a phone (BLE) and also communicate with other devices over ZigBee. Both protocols would need to be enabled at the same time.