Arm Mbed C++ example Programs for NXP LPC55S69 evaluation board please

Are there any Arm Mbed C++ example programs for
NXP LPC55S69 evaluation board please.

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Helo Sam,

creating two same topics in two different sections does not make too much sense. Especially because when a target is supported in MbdOS then is also usually supported in any Mbed tool.

According to these two topics (please see links below) it seems the board was supported in MbedOS 5.15, but later NXP decided not migrate this board to MbedOS6 and source files were officialy removed in MbedOS 6.6

About the example. The Mbed allow you to run same code on much different targets so usually is not necessary have a target specific example.

So finally you can do this. Follow this Arm Keil Studio Cloud User Guide - Get started with an Mbed OS Blinky example
Just in point two don’t look for MbedOS 6 but for MbedOS 5 in the list, like on picture below.

BR, Jan

Hello JohnnyK,
Thanks you very much for your help & excellent information.
Sorry for creating question in two sections.

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Question 1. What is latest Mbed OS version # please?
Question 2a. Is there a later version of NXP LPC55S69 board, that is supported in latest Mbed OS please?
Question 2b. If yes, what is the latest NXP board #, that has all the feature of LPC55S69 and some more additional features?
Question 2c. Do I have to post this Q2a in a different forum? If so, what is the URL of that NXP forum please?

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Q1. Latest Is MbedOs 6.16.
Q2: You can ask about support here probably, but is good to do some research. Good start is this page Development boards | Mbed

BR, Jan

Many, many thanks for excellent information to my questions…
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