ATM90E32AS + MBED OS SPI communication

Hello , i’m an new member.

I’m working on an energy metering application based on ATM90E32AS METERING IC and i’m working with a nucleo 64 board (F401RE) . I am trying to access ATM90E32AS’s registers but data returned are incoherent .
The communication between both devices is through SPI .

        #include "mbed.h"
        #include "ATM90E32AS.h"
        SPI device(PA_7, PA_6, PA_5);

        DigitalOut ssPin (PA_10);
        DigitalOut PM0 (PA_8);
        DigitalOut PM1 (PB_10);
        Serial pc (SERIAL_TX,SERIAL_RX);
        int main() {
            int response = 0;
            //Idle Mode
            //Pass In Normal Mode
            PM0 = 1;
            PM1= 1; 

            while(1) {
                ssPin = 0;
                device.write(WRITE|0x69);// WRITE = 0x0000
                response = device.write(READ|0x69);//READ = 0x8000
                ssPin = 1;
                pc.printf ("0x%X / %d \n\r", response,response);

Here is the serial capture .

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