Begginers guide to using MBED OS

Im keen to learn via the mbed os but cant find a decent intro on the site other than setting up a blinky example. For instance how do I use code i find in other repositories do I need to find mbed.h and bring it in or does the online compiler take care of it also I am using the LPC1768 and the includes typically for the header file say to import lpx17xx.h were is a good place for a newbie keen to learn from the ground up?


From my point of view, the best place for start is Mbed documentation.

Mbed OS 6 Documentation:


  • Mbed library already contain all necessary sources for your board.
  • Mbed library (It is the file called mbed or mbed-os with yellow gear icon.) is usually included when you import an existing program or create a new one from template. It is not included only when you will choose Empty program, then you must to import it manually.
  • If you will find a repository with a program it is good to check how old is it.
    On the right side of a Mbed repository page - Repository details. Also on top of page - History card, that will tell you when was last update of that Example/library.
  • Old examples/libraries may not be compatible with newest Mbed library. It is good to test that with a version of Mbed what was made for, and then try to update it.

BR, Jan

Hi Jan

Thanks for the helpful reply.

What I can’t find is what is meant by dependents I know what the word means but not sure how it relates to mbed.

Also the symbols used in the library listing examples.

I think I get the programs and libraries imports in the examples but for instance I am confused by the matrix keypad examples since I have a need to use a 4x3 matrix keypad. There’s so many examples

I am also finding the terms attached above not clear or explained on the mbed site.

I’ll stick at it thanks Jan



Let say we have a library. When some other will use it for another library or program without any modification, then his program or library dependents on our library.

  • Dependents 39 tell us - this library was used in 39 published programs.
  • Dependencies 0 tell us - this library or program is not dependent on any other library.
  • Forks 6 tell us - this library was 6 times published by another users from this original, probably with modifications.

BR, Jan

Thanks Jan

I suspect I could have guessed that they were the answers but I couldn’t find any explanation on the mbed site neither do they explain the graphical symbols.

Again thanks for taking the time to assist me.

Once you blink a led the novelty wears off and you want to start using the lpc1768 more seriously

The problem is that the examples go from basic blinky to much more difficult without anything gradual to ease the learning curve.

Am I right in thinking mbed.h includes or supports lpc17xx.h

Since some examples that are not mbed use lpc17xx.h and the mbed examples use the mbed.h.

Again thanks I’m going to delve deeper over the coming weeks.

Best wishes

Damian :+1: