Getting started feedback

Hello beta testers!

This thread is for sharing your suggestions and feedback regarding the getting started experience for mbed OS.

If you have a specific question, please start a new thread. Thanks!

What’s the key difference between &
Some contents are difference, seems are most updated, and getting more focus in the future. How to position

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David Bian

congratulate mbed 3.0 release!

Documentation for getting started / installing yotta etc is very good.

Although more documentation is required on the packages (mbed-drivers etc). I think you call packages modules if I confused any one there lol.

Also there are errors in the socket examples on Github from what I can remember
mbed::FunctionPointer1<void, const char*> fp(hello, &HelloHTTP::startTest);
should be
mbed::util::FunctionPointer1<void, const char*> fp(hello, &HelloHTTP::startTet);

Other than that thanks for finally bringing embedded development out of the 1980 ;).

@motters: Please report that error -> create an issue in the repository, to track and fix this. Thanks.

What docs would you like to have for those modules? Can you be more specific?

@Kojto I’ll get a Github issue raised some time today :smile:

When I say documentation for packages (like mbed drivers) I mean an explanation of the package and its classes + methods.

In the mbed drivers package you have tones of class that control different core functions of the IC. So personally I’d expect a run down of all the classes and methods with examples of how to use them.For example:

##MBED Drivers Package
###Class: DigitalIn
Explanation: This class allows the developer to read the status of pins.
Public function: read(); mode();
Initialising example: DigitalIn referance(input_id);
Example of use: Some code example of using DigitalIn
###Class: DigitalOut
etc etc etc

For example PHP would give you a list of available functions in an Extension ( and then document each function ( It would explain in detail the parameters required, restrictions, alternates, version required etc.

Similarly Laravel (PHP based framework; using the same package based idea) would do

It makes it super easy to jump into development; as you don’t need to worry about “how do I use X,Y,Z”, spending hours reading though code docblocks.

My first + favour language is PHP and it is known for its outstanding documentation, so I’m sorry if I compare MBED to PHP. I know its unfair but documentation is so important. Currently its a bit like “If you cant understand my code you should not be use it” lmfaoo.

Other than that MBED 3 is really awesome! You guys have done a top job :smiley: