BME AI Studio Config for Arduino Nicla Sense ME


I am trying to create a simple classifier (air, alcohol, coffee) with Nicla Sense ME with my own data.

I followed this tutorial for the purpose:

but, after deploying the config string to the BSEC2GasScannerClassify example in the Arduino IDE, it does not update any classification data on the serial port. However, it works with the default config string. I have followed every step the same in the tutorial. I am using every soft at the latest version.

As the comment on the forum suggests, this is probably because the BHI260’s FW is not compatible with the newer algorithm version generated by the new AI Studio.

While the new BHI260 FW is not out yet, can someone plase share older version of Bosch AI Studio? Or when there will be new FW that supports newer config file?

Thanks before.


you are on wrong place, be so kind and visit Arduino forum or related repo on github. I understand you saw “Arduino Mbed Core” but that doesnot mean it has something with Mbed it self. All Arduino targets in Mbed are prepared by Arduino only for Arduino ecosystem.

Look to these folders and you will see.

BR, Jan

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