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Board is frozen when Time interrupt calls

I’m developing a firmware to LPC1768 custom development board. I have added Timer interrupt to get button press time duration. When the Timer interrupt calls the development board getting frozen. The firmware is also contained with threads and timers.


please be so kind and share your code, ideally in its simplest form, where the issue occurs.

BR, Jan

Sorry. Unfortunately I can’t post it. Because It is a private codebase. the codebase has multiple threads and timers.

So you want help from others with something what you not want to show. It’s like repairing a car over the phone. I am here from 2017 and I never saw that, good luck with your secret code :slight_smile:

BR, Jan

It was a while ago but I think I might’ve had the same issue. When using an LPC1768 timer interrupt, you have to clear the interrupt register from the interrupt, otherwise it gets stuck there forever. e.g.

	// clear interrupt flag
	LPC_TIM2->IR |= (1<<4);
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Thank you Jamie Smith!