Bootloader, cloud client and Pelion to STM32WB55RG Wi-SUN mesh network


I’m new to mbed and I’m trying to adapt my current application to the Mbed arquitecture. I would like to user the arm mbed bootloader and the cloud client example to connect to Pelion. I’m currently using STM32WB55RG to make a mesh network with Wi-SUN protocol.

I could already make the Wi-SUN network works, and now I’m bumping into a problem in the bootloader. It won’t build for my board. I’ve been searching the problem and I’ve narrow it down to the arm_pack_manager file index.json, that don’t have this board.

If I change my targets.json on the board NUCLEO_WB55RG to add “components_add”: [“FLASHIAP”], “bootloader_supported”: true and “device_name”: “<device_name_present_index.json>”, than it builds but still don’t work.

I’m sure the problem is my configuration on the index.json, I just did not understand how the file works exactly, and found no tutorial or documentation on the matter.

My final solution should be able to communicate with the Pelion network both node and gateways should be able to send informations, another information I haven’t found in the documentation, if the gateway can comunicate to the pelion network as well.

Another information I haven’t found is regarding the pricing for the pelion network. My system will consume more than the 100 devices that says in the website.

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thanks for reporting your questions.

The STM32WB family is indeed missing from the index.json file which needs to be solved - this needs to be kindly asked to mbed-os maintainers :slight_smile: and a github issue can be entered for this specific point

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Thank you for the issue you raised in the Mbed OS repository, that’s the right place for it -

We will get the PR done for this in the near future.

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Janne Kiiskilä
Technical Product Manager, Pelion Device Management Client

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