Arm Mbed on STM32WLE5CC

Hallo Community,

I’m starting a project with Arm Mbed on the STM32WLE5CC integrated on a custom board. I found, that some STM32WL have support in Mbed, but not this specific µC; only some basics are included (linker file and startup script, might still need a bit of tweaking, I’m not sure).

I was able to build a very basic custom target and I got the obligatory blinky example running after some hussle. Now come the complicated parts, since the STM32WLE5CC has some very specific features.

So my first and most important question is: How do I go on about this? Are there already some efforts somewhere to integrate the µC? If not, should I start some and go about it with pull-requests to the repo? Could I hope for support by the community there, since I am not very experienced in Arm Mbed? The documentation kind of told me, to start discussing this in the forums, so here I am. If the community helps me in doing this, I will be more than happy to help making that available to all by contributing to the project.

When coming to really implementing it, I am sure I will have additional questions…

Any help is appreciated.


Starting point could be:

About STM32WLE5CC, some default files are already present:

But they have been never used and tested.

At the end, I will be happy to review your pull request if you want to provide your custom board to community! :slight_smile:


I think you are more or less done if it starts up and you have a pin mapping.
Looks like there is now a high level driver for the radio peripheral, I think that is the only special feature.

Thanks for all your pointers. Some of those I was already following, but it looks like there is a lot more completed than I initially thought. As for pull requests: I cannot release the board to public, but the parts that are for the MCU I will gladly release.