Bootloader doesn't find the firmware candidate

Hello ! I want to use Pelion with a unsupported target. So I create the application and the assiociated bootloader with the purpose to make firmware update. After few errors, i could see my device on the pelion portal and could run the firmware update with mbed-cli commands.
The update client on the active application detects the firmware update and authorize it. But the problem appears after the end of the firmware candidate download, when the device reboot to copy the new firmware instead of the active one, the bootloader doesn’t find the firmware dandidate on the flash.
I’m using QSPI Flash to store the firmware candidate and the mbed-bootloader provided by ARM.
If you wan’t more details, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will answer you as quickly as possible.

Hi Nicolas,

Have you tried inspecting the QSPI Flash after the update to see if the update binary is available there? Next would be to double check that the bootloader can see the binary file from the QSPI Flash.

Best regards,
Jaakko, team Mbed

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I’ve checked the QSPI Flash after the application update and that confirm the presence of the downloaded application in the QSPI Flash.
However I’m currently using the SOTP regions to store credentials and Device Key but I discovered that NVStore is prefered with the last mbed-os versions.
So I will try to use NVStore and I will return you the results.