Bug in the bluetooth example mbed-rtos-thermometer

there is a bug in the mbed-rtos-thermometer example, this example creates a central device on the board and emulates measurements, allowing the ios device to connect to it and read the notifications. Once the ios device sleeps and the connection is lost from the phone, the board does not detect this connection loss and you can not reconnect to it unless it is restarted. I am using it through platforimio.
please help.

This is MBED forum, have you tried this using MBED compiler?

Does Platformio know the answer?

You have not included a link to the MBED BLE example so we would not know which MBED example you are referring to.

In any case, examples will be very basic that you can build on, you would have to write additional code to accommodate disconnection/sleep scenarios much the same as Ethernet TCP disconnection.