Using BLE examples with SPBTLE-RF0


I am testing SP-BTLERF0 module with the mbed BLE heart rate example:

After setting the pins using mbed_app.json, the module starts advertising but when trying to connect with ST BLE Profile app, the status remains “disconnected”. I am using NUCLEO-F401RE and the online compiler.

Has anyone had luck with SP-BTLERF0 and mbed?

WE also had issues working on the RF0 ans Mbed OS BLE stack, while the RF was working well.

Also, check on the ST website to get the new references you should use. Indeed, if I remember well the RF0 design is deprecated.



I recently started working on MaxRefDes100 and was trying to send ECG data to mobile via BLE (30 seconds read). I saw your old posts (Answer) from 2017 on forum. Were you able to fully resolve the problem? Because we are trying to plot the ECG data on mobile phone. Please please help. We are doing a research and this part is very crucial for further development of our project. I will forever be so thankful.