Can not add nrf52840-dk platform

I am trying to use the online compiler (Log in | Mbed) to compile example code to be run on the nRF-52840-DK breakout board. However to do this it seems I need to specify this platform. When I go to select this board, it is not listed (Development boards | Mbed). How do I set the platform so it will compile for this breakout board? Is there a newer version of the online compiler I should be using?


it seems you are right, there is a chaos.

  • Nordic nRF52840-DK | Mbed is not possible to add to the online compiler
  • On github seems be this target active - tagets.json
  • In KeilStudio it is marked with a note about “It may be possible to compile only with Bare metal profile”, but in target.json is set both profiles - "supported_application_profiles": [ "full", "bare-metal" ]

However it seems to be possible to compile with KeilStudio, just try it

BR, Jan

Why not try downloading and using Mbed Studio. It works great with nRF52840 boards… although it’s worth noting that for BLE development you now have to use the Cordio BLE stack rather than SoftDevice.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am currently using mbed studio and was investigating use of online compiler, given that using the CLI 2 builds fine, but is incapable of flashing the nRF52840-DK board; ERROR: No Mbed enabled devices found.