Mbed OS for Nordic nRF52833


I’ve bought the nRF52833 DK and I want to use it with Mbed OS.

But I’m not getting it to work. If I compile the “mbed-os-example-blinky” program for target nRF52-DK in online compiler, then program the hex file, it will not work. No LED is blinking.

If I export this project for VS Code or Eclipse, I can’t even compile the project successful.

I’ve also tested Mbed Studio. There I can compile successful, but my devkit will be recognized as nRF51822 (and this is not supported for Mbed OS 5).

What I’m doing wrong?

Best regards


Hi Christian,

I would recommended you to use nRF52840 DK
as target. It is close to 52833.


If my only option is to use the nrf52833 DK, how can I modify the source code to open to it?