Certificate parse functionality in MBED TLS version 2.25.0 by Renesas


I have project with Renesas RA4M2 processor that supports crypto hardware acceleration. Program needs to proceed some cryptographic functionality. For this reason I use MBED TLS library provided in sample files from Renesas. Sample project uses MBED TLS version 2.25.0 while current version is 3.1.0.

I need to proceed some manipulations with certificate file parsing and I found that MBED TLS version 2.25.0 from Renesas site is different than in official MBET TLS git repository. Some files are just missing while other ones are changed.

For example MBED TLS 2.25.0 from Renesas does not have mbedtls_x509_crt_parse_file() function.

How to parse certificate files in MBED TLS 2.25.0 from Renesas?


I don’t know anything about the sample files from Renesas. You can probably ask to Renesas forum?