CMAKE mbedos build

I’ve noticed that on the mbed-os github, there is a branch called “feature-cmake”. Is arm slowly porting the mbed project to be built by CMAKE? Is there a github tracking issue or any other info about this effort anywhere? i would very much like to switch my project to use cmake with mbed-os!

Hi Melvin Wang,

thanks for the interest. the feature branch is currently still in development and needs some work - we are working on it daily. You should be able to build blinky or kvstore for couple of targets. K64F or DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A for instance ,we are slowly adding some more as we testing.

Fetch mbed-os-blinky, switch to features-cmake branch in the example and use also mbed-os feature-cmake branch. Note, as it still in development, we rebase daily this branch. Any feedback (even via pull requests adding new components or fixing CMake files or its functionality) is appreciated.

Take this work currently as static approach (we use mbed_config.h that its generated from mbed-cli so configuration currently not supported , but will be).

We will provide design document to Mbed OS, there are couple of bits to solve.

Hope this helps and let us know if you are able to build the example.


Hi, a follow up question: Are you considering to provide a CMake Generator for Keil UVision in the future to replace the export function of Mbed Studio?

best regards,

I don’t think there is a plan for it at the moment.
I’ve seen the effort on CMake forums, it should be feasible to do.