CMake update: all boards are supported + unittests request for review


We would like to share our progress with CMake integration since the last update back in November last year.

Our main goal then was to have all Mbed boards buildable with CMake in the April 2021 Mbed OS release.

What is new since November:

  • All Mbed board directories contain CMake input source files (CMakeLists.txt).
  • Refactored CMake targets for Mbed boards to facilitate support for custom Mbed boards.
  • All official examples are now buildable with CMake.
  • The Mbed boards with CMake support porting guide has been released.
  • Migration guide is being completed (the pull request

We are working on adding unit tests (refactoring the old unittests, pull request for review CMake: Refactor UNITTESTS CMake by rajkan01 · Pull Request #14426 · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub), and documentation update for CMake support in Mbed Os.

Please join the discussion forum at Mbed OS CMake Improvements · Discussion #225 · ARMmbed/mbed-tools · GitHub for improvement suggestions.