Compilation error using mbed-http library

I’m using mbed-http library for some basic http(s) request-response project. Compiler gives me this error code Error: Class "Socket" has no member "send" in "mbed-http/source/http_request_base.h", Line: 270, Col: 59 I have TCPSocket included do I need to import some sort of other Socket library?
The program will run on Nucleo-F746ZG.
Thanks for your help!


it would be good also include a link to the library or program what you use.
How I remember, the HTTP is obsolete for using it with the latest Mbed OS5, so it is recommended to use an example in its origin state or with an old Mbed lib (MbedOS 5.10).

BR, Jan

It is this library
Is there any good alternative you know of?

How I said, when you will not update the Mbed Os library to newest version, the example will work I think.
However, you can check other questions with same/similar Issue.

BR, Jan