Compilation time on newer CPUs by Mbed-cli?


The compilation time of Mbed projects seems to be a problem few talk about. On my old Thinkpad-T430s with I5-3320m , the hello world project usually takes more than 10 minutes to compile for the first time. On my newer laptop with I7-8565u, the time is reduced to less than 3 minutes. Quite some improvement but still cumbersome.

My question is, has anyone tried/tracked the compilation time on newer CPUs like AMD Ryzen 7 4700u or similar?


Hello Zhiyong,

My experience is that compilation on Linux is several times faster than on Windows (using the same PC). I don’t have a Mac so I cannot compare with that.

Best regards, Zoltan

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That’s interesting. A big part of drag is probably from the antivirus on Windows. I will give it a try.

The windows filesystem is known to be slower than Linux. Even with WSL the compiler runs much faster, but WSL cannot use the USB devices.

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First thing I do is add a .mbedignore! :wink:

HI guys,

we are aware of the limitations of the current build system and are currently working on improvements. You can take a look at what is currently being worked on here :