Compile Errors in Object files *.o

I’m taking over a project and trying to get the code base to compile. It my first MBED project. It uses MBEDOS 5.11.5 and MBED CLI 1.10.4. I’m getting odd compile errors in several object files. in addition to “undefined reference” errors.

[DEBUG] Errors: BUILD/MAX32630FTHR/GCC_ARM/mbed-os/features/FEATURE_BLE/targets/TARGET_Maxim/MaximBLE.o: In function AppServerConnCback(dmEvt_t*)': [DEBUG] Errors: C:\\Desktop\Mbed_Proj\mbed_proj-firmware-repo\branches\master/.\mbed-os\features\FEATURE_BLE\targets\TARGET_Maxim/MaximBLE.cpp:225: undefined reference to AttsCccInitTable’

There are tons of other errors in MaximBLE.o and processing undefined reference.

Suggests to me that there is likely a linking error. But this project was compiler on the former developers computer. So it should compile on mine. The mbed OS is located within the project folder so its relative linking should work. So I feel like there is a fundamental aspect to mbed linking that I don’t understand as a rookie. Any help is appreciated.

p.s. here is my compile command
mbed-cli compile -v -j8 -t GCC_ARM -m MAX32630FTHR -DPLATFORM_MAX32630HSP -D__STACK_SIZE=0x30000 -D__HEAP_SIZE=0x30000


I feel like this lining error might be related to linking to the wrong FEATURE_BLE/target stack. But I don’t know how to specify which stack in the targets/ folder should be used. Any ideas?

Hi Kevin,

this is an extremely old version of Mbed OS now and you are unlikely to get any support for it. I would suggest upgrading to a newer version as a starting point.